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Protect Google Data Analytics from hackers !

Data and Data Analytics is the crucial part for a business.

Can you imagine if anyone hacks your data bank and steals/erases it?

That is the next worst thing happens to you !

A novice web developer can easily hack your Google Analytics within an hour and can corrupt it completely. And once the data is corrupted you cannot retrieve it back.

Once it is corrupted, it is corrupted!

I am very novice in Web Development, and when someone asked for my Google Analytics number?

I thought for a while !

Hmm. Its not Gmail ID what is he asking for ?

Ah! Let me firstly introduce to what is Google Analytics ID?

Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google to track website traffic. This is the top most platform where all Data Analytics is performed on any website. Once you register your website to a google analytics, you get a unique ID which is your Google Analytics ID.

I tried to do some research and found that, once Google Analytics ID is publicly available to anyone who knows how to do a right click on a web page. Its as simple as that.

Let me show how one can hack your Google Analytics website data:

How to hack Google Analytics:

Steps to get your Google Analytics ID without your knowledge:

  • Type in the URL which you want to hack. (

  • Right click and select “View Page Source”

  • Search for the word “googleAnalytics”

  • So, now you all have my Google Analytics ID.

Do I, have to be worried ???


Yes in deed !

Now, that one has your Google Analytics ID, what can he do ?

  • One can plug in this ID into any other dummy site, then all your data is in a mess and is lost forever.

  • One can use this ID to send all the fake traffic to your account and get paid from you for “getting traffic” to your website.

Have I not alarmed you enough?

Okay! If you are still not convinced..

Once your Google Analytics ID is hacked is it possible to retrieve it?

That’s a straight Noooo! Even Google cannot help you in this matter.

Okay! By now if you are convinced that yes, I need to protect my Google Analytics ID.

Follow my “How to”

How to protect Google Analytics:

  1. Go to your google analytics account

  2. Click on Admin (which is toward the botom left)

  3. Click on Filter

  4. Click on “Add Filter”

  5. Edit the description as “Hack Proof my Google Analytics”

  6. Add Filter type:

  7. Include only

  8. Traffic to Hostname

  9. That contain

  10. 7. VERY IMPORTANT give your host name:

  11. Ex: rajeevjagatap\.com

You have read it correct I have give a different slash “\” and then a “.”

Then hit the save button.

That’s it, you are now hack proof. Nobody can mess around with you!

I mean your Google Analytics account!

If I helped you to “Protect your Google Analytics Account”

You can thank me by dropping a small testimonial on this link.

If you have further questions, do drop a comment in the below thread in my forums.

Forum Thread:

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1 Comment

Kavitha Jadhav
Kavitha Jadhav
Jun 21, 2020

Vital information. Thanks for sharing

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