How to Replicate Forex Exchange Rates from S4HANA to B4HANA

Companies perform transactions in various currencies and the forex exchanges rates are changed regularly. These changes are updated into S4HANA on timely fashion for regular operations. From business perspective the same exchange rates are to be reflected into the business reporting tools.

Now how does B4HANA or BW system knows the current exchange rates which are saved in TCURR and TCURV tables of S4HANA.

We need to replicate the same exchange rates to B4HANA.

Based on various business requirements B4HANA team need a various currency conversion types to exchange currencies. What currency forex rate needs to be used is dependent on source currency and target currency. This can be achieved in RSCUR transaction code.

In TCURV table KURST refers to Currency conversion type. We can create multiple currency conversion types over here thru Tcode RSCUR.

Table TCURR has the source currency and the target currency with a validity date and currency conversion type (from TCURV)