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What is BW Bridge

Have you heard of BW Bridge for Datawarehouse Cloud?

Before we get to know about it, I would like to share one of my thoughts.

if you give a a piece of wood to the smartest man on world and ask him to make paper out of it without giving proper prior tools, is it possible? may be yes if he is giving abundant amount of time.

But if the same person is given tools, process from the prior learnings, with in no time he can make one of the finest papers.

This is nothing but REUSE of our knowledge.

Human are smart beings who have evolved with their findings of the previous generation. Generation to generation information, process and tools are being reused.


Alright! what is this going to be with BW Bridge for Datawarehouse Cloud !!!

SAP BW/4HANA has come up with a new feature which will help us reuse the existing tools on Datawarehouse cloud.

This will leverage SAP B4HANA functionality, data models including ABAP codes in SAP Datawarehouse cloud. Customers will be leveraging their existing infrastructure investment, process, skills in SAP BW and ABAP technologies.


  • Customers desire to proven and tested BW functionality can be used in multiple engagements. Risk is lowered.

  • Deployment time will be reduced.

  • Time & Cost will be reduced


This REUSE functionality is going to ground breaking innovation in SAP world and going to be more useful for business as well as BW developers.

Looking forward for further upgrades in SAP BW space.


Rajeev Jagatap

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