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Top 007 Cloud ERP Solutions

Best Cloud ERP Solutions in 2020:

Before we jump into the best Cloud ERP, let’s see what Cloud Based Computing is?

Cloud Based Computing, allows users access to numerous software applications that run on shared services (power, memory, disk storage). In a traditional approach these are installed on premise (office/home) but in Cloud Based Computing all these services or resources are stored in Data Centers remotely. This widely called as SaaS (Software as a Service).

Now let’s dive into Cloud ERP.

All major organizations rely on ERP systems, which take care of their routine tasks like procurement, manufacturing, sales, customer relation management, finances and deliveries etc. In a traditional approach all the infrastructure to support all the above are physically present on premises in the office.

In the Cloud Based Computing, these are now available in different data centers and all the organizations can utilize these shared services on need basis.

Companies adopting ERP in cloud are focusing on smart ways of working, planning and innovations. The time and effort spent on maintaining the on-premise resources can be diverted to other innovations.

  • According to Gartner, by 2020 minimum 35% of companies prefer Cloud ERP deployments which use SaaS.

  • According to Statista, predicts by 2021 - North America Market alone contributes 5% of increase in Cloud ERP deployments.

Top 007 Cloud ERP Software:

  1. Net Suite ERP

  2. Odoo

  3. Scoro

  4. Sage Intacct

  5. Syspro

  6. Oracle ERP Cloud

  7. SAP ERP

I will be focusing on SAP as I have vast experience in SAP ERP related solutions.

  • Benefits:

  • Fast Implementation

  • Continuous Innovation

  • Lower Costs

  • Intelligent Solutions

  • Data Intelligence and Predictive Modelling.

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