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Updated: Nov 30, 2021

SAP HANA SDI is a very simple easy to use tool to extract data from different sources. It acts a bridge between various types of external data source and SAP HANA. External data sources can be a file or data base like Oracle, Microsoft SQL, Teradata, Hadoop etc.

In the below post, I have used Oracle as a source and have migrated/extracted data to SAP HANA for reporting purpose.

How to get data from Oracle to SAP HANA thru SDI:

SAP HANA has this new SDI connection which will help to connect to different databases like Oracle, Hadoop as a remote source and load data into HANA.

Following steps will help to create a Virtual Table on a table in Oracle and view the data in real time.

One of the pre-requisites is your BASIS team should have created an active connection with Oracle and you should have relevant authorization to view those tables thru that remote connection.

  • Login to HANA Studio and to your desired system (Sandbox / Dev)

  • Select a desired schema (your own / SAPHANADB)

  • Click on “New Virtual Table”

  • Click on Browse button and select the source connection and the desired table. And mention the Virtual table name. I selected as ZVT_DEMO.

  • There is an alternate way to create a Virtual table. (Go to Oracle remote connection > select the table you would like to load > Right click on it and select “Add as Virtual Table”. From the below screen you can select the name of the table and the schema where you would like to place the Virtual Table.

  • Once the table is created, you will be able to see the table in SAPHANADB Schema in the folder table.

  • To view the data in the table, Right click on the Virtual Table and select Data Preview

  • Now you can see the Oracle data in SAP HANA.

Now we have a view created in SAP HANA. This view can be used in a Flow Graph or a Data Source to load into SAP HANA Native Objects or SAP BW Objects.

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