Updated: 5 days ago

SAP HANA SDI is a very simple easy to use tool to extract data from different sources. It acts a bridge between various types of external data source and SAP HANA. External data sources can be a file or data base like Oracle, Microsoft SQL, Teradata, Hadoop etc.

In the below post, I have used Oracle as a source and have migrated/extracted data to SAP HANA for reporting purpose.

How to get data from Oracle to SAP HANA thru SDI:

SAP HANA has this new SDI connection which will help to connect to different databases like Oracle, Hadoop as a remote source and load data into HANA.

Following steps will help to create a Virtual Table on a table in Oracle and view the data in real time.

One of the pre-requisites is your BASIS team should have created an active connection with Oracle and you should have relevant authorization to view those tables thru that remote connection.