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Hack Netflix

I am sure you all have been watching Netflix religiously this lock down season. And sometimes it happens that few movies in your checklist are not available in the Netflix app.

Netflix has too many subscribers whole over the world. And its challenging to stream all movies in all geographies.

Netflix app only a few set of movies however there are many hidden movies under their radar.

Netflix has many list of secret codes which stores the movies in a repository. And what if you gain access to those? And that too with a code for each genre. Isn’t it amazing?

However to watch those movies you cannot follow the traditional approach using the App. There are few steps you need to consider. I am going to take you thru the steps in this article.

Pre-requisite: You need to have a valid Netflix subscription.


  1. Log off your account from the Netflix App.

  2. Open Chrome and type in

  3. XXXX is going to be a code for each genre.

For adventure movies replace XXXX with 7442.

Isn’t it simple? There are few codes here in this article:

  • Education for Kids (10659)

  • Family Features (51056)

  • Kids’ TV (27346)

  • Kids Music (52843)

To access the entire list of code, please download the file from my Github. Click here.

**PS. It is ethical and is published in different News forums.

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