5 Ways how Data Science can help ERP Business

Updated: May 26, 2020

How does Data Science help your ERP Business??

Analytics is power in the Business, and data is the fuel that created this power. As per Gartner survey, it is estimated that there will 44 trillion gigabytes of data. And being able to harness the power of this data thru data science is extremely essential. Data Science uses different approaches to acquire data, cleanse the data, process the data, apply related algorithms, prepare data model, train the data models and then present a data in business consumable format to take several strategic decisions.

Having seen the historical data and the analytic approach presented by Data Scientists, business can leverage these insights in several areas like competitor price, product performance, employee attrition, employee training, quantifiable sales predictions, anticipated over head costs, understand the customer behavior and many more.

Data Science expert can add value to businesses in the following ways:

Efficient Business Decisions: