Are you a Data Scientist or Data Analyst ??

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Myth Busters: Data Science and Data Analytics are similar.

The buzz word of 2020 is “Data Science”.

All right, I am supposed to kick start with a interesting introduction that would act as anchor, that you stick around till the end.

But, I am going to make it short and simple.

Everyone claims that they are doing it, but nobody knows how correctly they are doing it. The entire confusion starts with different roles and naming conventions used by people.

People toss around word like “Data Analyst”, “Data Warehousing”, “Data Analytics”, “BIG Data”, “Data Analysis”, “Data Mining” and “Data Science”. And often get confused that “Data Analytics” and “Data Science” are one on the same.

But there is one fact that they all work with DATA.

Data Analytics Vs Data Science: