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Azure Data Factory and Github

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Integrate with Github.

To get started with, do we all agree that team work is a key to the success?

Then why not work as a team on Microsoft Azure Data factory and allow our team to collaborate and work parallel. Isn’t it a good idea?

How to collaborate Azure Data factory (ADF) to your personal GitHub / Enterprise GitHub.

Detailed Steps:

  • Log in to your Azure account and select the data factory.

  • Navigate into your ADF by clicking on to author and monitor.

  • Choose “Setup code repository”

  • Login to your Personal/Enterprise GitHub account with your credentials. Select master branch for the 1st time and later you can create child branches as you wish.

  • Once it is created you will be able to see all your objects in the you GitHub. Login to you GitHub in a different window and you will be able to see ADF objects.

  • On your screen, you will able to see the master branch, towards the left top.

  • Likewise, new branches can be created under master and team can work on individual branches and pull the request to master.

With this multiple team members can work on the same object in their child ‘REPO’ and can pull the objects to master once reviewed.

Did you try to collaborate your work in Github?

Share your experiences in the comments below.

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