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Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Glue is an ABAP based tool to push data from SAP to different targets. Glue supports 30+ data bases as well as cloud vendors like Azure, AMS, GCP and Snowflakes.

Why Glue

We have enormous amounts of data present in SAP BW and there tremendous demand for data be available in several other data warehouse platforms, cloud vendors for self service analytics, data science . This can be achieved by an integration tool - Glue which is well integrated with SAP NetWeaver Platform.

  • Installation is quick and simple on any environment as there is no additional hardware.

  • Glue is a push tool, which can be used an extractor from BW to different targets.

  • Glue leverages SAP BW expertise and can handle incremental or delta extraction.

  • User friendly interface - ABAP based GUI.

  • Glue supports SAP Change Management, meaning all changes can follow the Standard Transport Management Process.

  • Glue extractors can be part of the Process Chains, which helps automation.

  • Glue also supports existing SAP authorization.

What Glue can extract

Glue can extract or push data from various Data sources.

  • SAP Table / View

  • Advanced DSO / Standard DSO

  • Info Cube

  • Bex Query

  • Native HANA objects (via CDS views)

How to Glue

In here we have high level steps on 'How to' use Glue extraction.

  1. Identify the data provider from where the data needs to be extractors.

  2. Create a Glue extractor with the source as identified data provider.

  3. Create a target table with the structure of the above data provider in target data warehouse or cloud vendor.

  4. Create a variant (selection criteria) for the data to be transferred. We have option to send data selectively.

  5. Execute the variant. And you can see the data will be transformed to target table.

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